Well, Christmas has come and now gone!  We had a blast celebrating with family and friends.  We got some great gifts and ate way to much.  I hope everyone had a great Christmas, now let's get ready to bring in the New Year! 

                   2014 here we come!




Just received an order for 22 key fobs.  These Anchor ribbon key fobs are perfect for stocking stuffers, teens, co-workers, and in this case cheerleaders.  

I love doing custom orders.  We have awesome customers!!

I am one of those people that will not put up my Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving. I just feel Thanksgiving deserves to be noticed, not skipped over.  HA!  So this weekend I was putting up the tree and hanging ornaments.  Now I just need to make a tree topper, cause our tree is looking a little sad at the top.

 Happy decorating everyone!!